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WSET Online Exam Registration (for VSF students)

For students who completed a WSET Level 1 or Level 2 in Wines/Sake/Spirits course with VSF Wine Education only.


Students enrolled in the WSET Level 1/2 in Wines/Sake/Spirits course have the option to take their exams online at home via Remote Invigilation.


Currently, online exams are not available for WSET Level 3 qualifications. 


What is computer-based testing via remote invigilation?

Computer-Based Testing via Remote Invigilation (RI) will enable you to take your exam in an invigilated environment from your home where you will be monitored via a webcam, screen sharing technology and a secondary recording device (e.g. a smartphone) during your exam. A video explaining this in more detail can be found here:


Exact Exam Start Time (UK Time)

You must determine the exact exam start time at the time of booking. UK Time in the 24-hour format (i.e. 01:30-21:30hrs) is used. Please make sure you are ready around 30 minutes before the exam start time to set up the computer and exam room. Please note that no exams can be arranged for the period 22:00-01:29 UK Time due to daily maintenance. If you are not based in the UK, you may find it useful to use a time-zone converter such as World Time Buddy.


Exam Date

We don't have a list of fixed exam dates. You are free to select any date and time of your choice, according to your own schedule. You can choose any day of the year (except any of the Unavailable Dates listed), yet you must book your exam at least 16 business days (in most cases, this means 22 calendar days (3 weeks + 1 day)) in advance: 

  • Example 1: If you wish to sit the exam on 26 March, then you must book it on or before 4 March (22 calendar days ahead)
  • Example 2: However, if you wish to sit the exam on 6 April, then you must book it on or before 12 March (i.e. 16 business days but 25 calendar days ahead, due to Easter holidays)


Changes or Cancellations

Please note that once the exam date and exam start time are determined, it is no longer possible to make changes. If you cannot attend the scheduled exam, unfortunately, you'll be charged the full resit exam fee (80 GBP for Level 1; 105 GBP for Level 2).

    WSET Online Exam Registration (for VSF students)

    • This service is exclusively for presently enrolled VSF students, for their first exam sitting only. If you are not affiliated with VSF and are interested in undertaking your first-attempt online exam with us, please send us an email to discuss first (


      Should you wish to retake an examination, whether you are a VSF student or not, we invite you to navigate to our dedicated "Online Resit Exam Registration" page.

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