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Tasting Set for WSET Level 1 Sake Online Course (UK Only)

[Please Note: This Product Ships to UK Mainland Addresses Only]


Embark on a journey to master the art of saké tasting from the comfort of your own home! This tasting kit is the perfect companion for those pursuing the WSET Level 1 Award in Sake (Online) and other saké courses!


Yearning to taste like a seasoned pro? We've teamed up with the award-winning saké importer and distributor, Tengu Sake, to meticulously curate a selection of seven saké bottles, each representing distinct profiles — fruity, floral, lactic, cereal, sparkling, cloudy, and aged. This selection aligns with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 1 Award in Sake study programme requirements.


Why Choose Our Tasting Kit?

Our tasting kit showcases seven benchmark saké expressions, encompassing a diverse range of saké styles. It offers an exceptional opportunity to refine your palate, preparing you for saké tasting exams, such as the WSET Level 3 Award in Sake, SSI International Kikisake-shi, JSA Sake Diploma, SSA Certified Sake Sommelier, and more.


What is the Shelf Life of the Saké?

Rest assured, the saké we provide is freshly imported into the UK, retaining its original, unopened condition, with bottle sizes ranging from 250ml to 720ml. Upon receiving your shipment, ensure the sakés are stored in a refrigerated environment, preferably upright, to extend their shelf lives. Typically, delicate styles like junmai daiginjo should last around a year. Meanwhile, robust junmai-shu and saké varieties with high-strength distilled alcohol, such as futsushu/honjozo, can endure even longer. Koshu (aged saké) has been intentionally aged for a minimum of three years.


Once opened, you can savour the saké for approximately 2-3 more weeks when stored in the fridge. The duration may vary depending on the saké style, with delicate ones having a shorter lifespan and fuller-bodied sakés lasting longer.


Shipping Information

Regrettably, we can only dispatch this tasting set to addresses within the UK. Rest assured, FREE Mainland UK (excluding Scotland) delivery service is included with your purchase. For delivery to Scotland, please reach out to us prior to placing your order, as additional charges may apply. 


What Sakes are Included?

Our selection of sakés has been thoughtfully curated in strict accordance with the specifications outlined by the WSET for their Level 1 Award in Sake programme. However, this set is versatile and suitable for honing your saké tasting skills across a variety of saké courses. The styles typically featured include Futsushu/Honjozo, Junmai-shu, Koshu, Sparkling Saké, Nigori, Ginjo, and Junmai Daiginjo.


The selection includes: 

  • Honjōzō Yamatogawa Shuzo Yauemon "Autumn Leaves" Honjozo (720ml)
  • Junmai Konishi Shuzo "Shirayuki Classic" Junmai (300ml)
  • Ginjō Konishi Hiyashibori Ginjo Nama-Chozo "Konishi Silver" (300ml)
  • Junmai Daiginjō Tatenokawa 50 "Stream" Seiryu Junmai Daiginjo (720ml)
  • Nigori Yauemon "Moonlight" Tsukiakari Junmai Nigorizake (720ml)
  • Sparkling Saké Shirayuki "de Ai" Sparkling Sake (250ml)
  • Koshu (Aged Saké) "Golden Amber" Junmai Koshu (720ml)

Please note that the exact saké offerings may vary based on availability.



All this can be yours for just £165, which includes FREE delivery to a UK Mainland address (excluding Scotland).

Tasting Set for WSET Level 1 Sake Online Course (UK Only)

  • Our sake tasting kit is just £165, with FREE UK Mainland delivery (excluding Scotland). Expect delivery in 5-7 days based on your location.


    For delivery to Scotland, please contact us for shipping options.


    The product cannot be delivered overseas. 

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