Vazisubani Estate Khikhvi Amber Wine 2017 (75cl)

Qvevri Khikhvi lavishly exhibits notes of green tea, apricots, dried fruits as well as the sweetness of honey. The body is rich in tannins with a rounded, soft and velvety finish. Ideal as an accompaniment to different cheeses and barbecued meats. 


This grape variety produces a relatively small harvest and as such is quite rare outside of Georgia. The grapes are harvested in the first days of September.


About the Winery:

Vazisubani Estate stretching over 35 hectares, is a complex encompassing an old palace, a restored wine cellar and vineyards, located above the Gombori Ridge near the small village of Vazisubani in eastern Georgia.


The palace itself dates back to the 1869, the year when Sulkhan Chavchavadze was born in the noble Georgian family. He was passionate about wine-making and viticulture, and decided to extend the grounds so that he would have about 20 hectares of vineyards and thirty large qvevri to ferment his grapes. The estate passed through a number of generations up to the early 20th Century. Then, as a result of a family debt, it was taken over by the state. For the next 90 years, the Vazisubani Estate fell into the mists of time until 2011 when the current owners Mamuka Khazaradze and Badri Japaridze had the idea to restore the palace and vineyards to their former glory.


The way the wine made is traditional: The vineyards are tended by experiecned, local farmers, who apply techniques passed down through generations.


6-pack super saver for £110.99 only (= £18.49 per bottle)

Vazisubani Estate Khikhvi Amber Wine 2017 (75cl)

No. of Bottles

    • Size: 750ml
    • Grape: Khikhvi
    • Style: Dry
    • Category: Wine
    • ABV: 12.5%


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    750ml: 6-pack super saver for £110.99 only (= £18.49 per bottle)

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