Tsuji Honten Gozenshu 1859 Prototype Omachi Junmai MNG Bodai-Moto

辻本店 御前酒 1859


Medium-bodied, expressive, creamy and nutty sake with fruity aromas of melon, kumquat and apricot. Best served chilled.


This sake is called "1859" in Japanese because the year 1859 is when the rice variety Omachi was first discovered. It is known as "Prototype" in English because it is the first in the "Gozenshu 1859" range.


This sake is made from 100% Omachi rice grown in Okayama. Its polishing ratio is 65%, and is classified as a Junmai-shu (no distilled alcohol added).


This sake is also an "MNG", which stands for "Muroka" (unfiltered), "Nama" (unpasteurised" and "Genshu" (undiluted).


Another special feature of this sake is the use of the Bodaimoto (菩提酛/菩提もと) method. It is an ancient fermentation starter method, a pre-cursor to the Kimoto method. 


As the name suggests, this is a prototype. That means that once this limited edition runs out, there will be no more.

Tsuji Honten Gozenshu 1859 Prototype Omachi Junmai MNG Bodai-Moto

    • Country: Japan
    • Type: Junmai-Shu MNG Bodaimoto
    • Rice Variety: Omachi
    • ABV: 16%
    • Rice Polishing Ratio: 65%
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