Tatenokawa 18 "Eighteen" Junmai Daiginjo Nakadori 楯野川 純米大吟醸 十八

Tatenokawa 18 pushes the boundaries of sake production. By using Yamadanishiki – the 'king of sake rice' and polishing to a lofty 18% (i.e. removing 82% of the outside of the rice grain), the team at Tatenokawa are aiming to produce a sake of world-class quality that you’ll never forget.


Extra care has been taken when producing Tatenokawa 18. First the team press this sake using a ’fune’ – a device that delicately & carefully presses simply under the weight of gravity – and then they select only the best 3rd of the pressed brew, the middle third known as nakadoriNakadori is regarded as the most balanced and nuanced (the first third is a bit brash, the last a bit subdued).


This meticulous care and dedication results in a delicious, rare sake of superb complexity and character with delicate acidity and a silky structure. Aromas and elegant flavours of sweet cantaloupe, ripe lychee and pear are predominant.


When served straight from the fridge, at 0-5°C, Tatenokawa 18 is crisp, sumptuous and medium-sweet. If allowed to warm this sake will become sweeter and more expressive. At 10-15°C Tatenokawa becomes silky, super-smooth and sweeter. We recommend you play with the temperature to find what you like best, each have their merits. Personally, we like it best around 5°C!


Food pairings are amazing. Big, bold flavours are met and blend with the medium-sweet fruit flavours: tagine, curry, bacon and mature cheeses are all a revelation.


This is a sake to wow friends, buy as a generous gift or simply indulge oneself with. A real treat.


This saké received the Silver Award at the prestigious International Wine Challenge (IWC) in 2016, 2017 and 2018.


Ingredients: rice, water, yeast, koji

Tatenokawa 18 "Eighteen" Junmai Daiginjo Nakadori 楯野川 純米大吟醸 十八

    • Saké Type: Junmai Daiginjo
    • ABV: 15%
    • Rice Polishing Ratio: 18%
    • Rice Varieties: Yamada-Nishiki only
    • Serving Suggestion: chilled
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