Takara "Kurokame" Imo Honkaku Sweet Potato Shochu 25% 720ml 本格 芋焼酎 「黒甕」


Peppery with subtle earthiness. Kurokame uses black koji and is fermented in a large ceramic pot to bring out rich and complex aromas and flavours of sweet potato.


Kurokame shochu is an anthentic Honkaku Shochu made from Koganesengan sweet potato, one of the most popular imo varietals in Kagoshima prefecture. The primary moromi (mash) is created with kuro koji (black koji) and is brewed inside ceramic pots called "kame".


Kuro koji originates in the Okinawa region and is known to produce an abundance of citric acid, effectively extracting the taste and character of the base ingredients. The round shape of the kame creates a natural convection that reduces thermal irregularities, and by burying the kame halfway into the ground, the moromi is fermented at a balanced temperature. Combining superior ingredients and a traditional fermentation method creates an ideal condition for hte moromi, resulting in a shochu that is rich in flavour, sweetness and complexity.

Recommended Temperature:

Room temperature or slightly chilled or, to emphasize the savory aspects, warm.

Service Recommendations:

Drink on the rocks, straight or diluted with water.


Food Pairing Suggestions:

Kurokame is well suited to food that are mildly flavoured but umami-driven. These include grilled shrimp and squid, cooked eel, black truffle risotto, miso broth with mushroom or pork. You can also add it to cheese fondue instead of kirsch and then drink warm Kurokame with that meal.


Super Saver Offer

720ml: 6-pack super saver for £185.95 only (= £30.99 per bottle)

Takara "Kurokame" Imo Honkaku Sweet Potato Shochu 25% 720ml 本格 芋焼酎 「黒甕」

No. of Bottles
    • All prices are inclusive of UK-VAT (20%)
    • Shochu Type: Imo Shochu (Sweet Potato Shochu)
    • Classification: Honkaku
    • ABV: 25%
    • Volume: 720ml
    • Region: Kagoshima


    Super Saver Offer

    720ml: 6-pack super saver for 185.95 only (= £30.99 per bottle)

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