Takara "Ikkomon" Imo 100% Sweet Potato Honkaku Shochu 25% 全量芋焼酎「一刻者(いっこもん)」


IKKOMON is a honkaku shochu, made with 100% Koganesengan. Sweet and delicious to eat, Koganesengan is the most popular Japanese sweet potato in Kagoshima Prefecture.


Shochu made with this cultivar is known for its sweet fragrance, a delicately smooth palate, and complex flavours of chestnuts and dried flowers.


While many imo shochu are brewed with rice koji, IKKOMON is brewed with 100% imo from start to finish. Propagating superior quality imo koji is a modern feat, made possible by TAKARA’s inimitable use of patented technology and constant drive to innovate. The resulting product is IKKOMON, an authentic imo shochu that emanates the bounty of the sweet potato.


IKKOMON is a distinctive beverage because most other imo shochu are generally made with kome koji (rice koji). This velvety shochu delivers the uniquely sweet aroma and smoothness that only an imo koji can produce.


IKKOMON is 100% imo (sweet potato), single-distillation shochu. This process allows for great complexity and more influences from the source material. The nose and palate meld a wealth of gently savoury and
comforting flavors, including toasted light rye, caraway, salted butter, fried apple, and spices.

Recommended Temperature:
Temperature: Room temperature, slightly chilled, or to emphasize the savoury aspects, warm.

Service Recommendations:
Neat, or with a few drops of water, in a rocks glass.


Warm: Using warm water increases the savouriness and reduces the fruit. For the warm preparation, heat water to 175˚F (80˚C). Pour in a ratio of 4 parts shochu to 6 parts hot water, or 5:5 for a richer mix. Always pour hot water first, let set to temper the cup, and add shochu last, aiming for an ideal mixed temperature of 100˚F-115˚F (40˚C-45˚C). If you pour shochu first and add hot water on top of shochu, it would dissipate or damage the delicate flavour nuances of shochu, and could cause bitterness.


Food Pairing Suggestions:
Lightly grilled squid, eel or fish, roast pork, or a Reuben sandwich.


Super Saver Offer

720ml: 6-pack super saver for £263.95 only (= £43.99 per bottle)

Takara "Ikkomon" Imo 100% Sweet Potato Honkaku Shochu 25% 全量芋焼酎「一刻者(いっこもん)」

No. of Bottles
    • Shochu Type: Imo Shochu (Sweet Potato Shochu)
    • Classification: Honkaku
    • ABV: 25%
    • Volume: 720ml
    • Region: Kagoshima


    Super Saver Offer

    720ml: 6-pack super saver for £263.95 only (= £43.99 per bottle)

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