Orgo Rkatsiteli Amber Wine (75cl)

NOTE: We have a very limited number of the vintages 2016 in stock. Otherwise, the vintage 2018 is now available.


Orgo is a small family-owned winery that produces high quality wines made in traditional qvevri vessels (clay amphora) for vinification and maturation.


The winery is run by Temuri Dakishvili, the Dakishvili family’s fourth generation winemaker. His father, Giorgi, is credited as one of the most skilled and influential winemakers in Georgia and is now consultant to the nearby Schuchmann/Vinoterra winery. 


Both wineries are located around the town of Telavi in the heart of the Kakheti district, the most easterly wine region in Georgia. Orgo produces a very limited quantity of wines fermented in qvevris or oak barrels without additives and filtration, a traditional Georgian winemaking style going back 8000 years.


There is skin contact on Orgo's wines, both red (grape variety: Saperavi) and white (grape variety: Rkatsiteli), which provides some tannin and amber hues to the white wine, but which doesn't overpower the perfume and fragrance.


6-pack super saver for £119.99 only (= £19.99 per bottle)

Orgo Rkatsiteli Amber Wine (75cl)

No. of Bottles

    • Size: 750ml
    • Grape: Rkatsiteli
    • Style: Dry
    • Category: Wine
    • ABV: 12%


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    750ml: 6-pack super saver for £119.99 only (= £19.99 per bottle)

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