Miyazato Harusame Kari Awamori 30% 720ml 宮里酒造 春雨 カリー 琉球泡盛


This Ryukyu Awamori (琉球泡盛) is made from long grain Thai rice which is inoculated with black koji mould, fermented and then distilled in a pot still.


Harusame Kari (春雨 カリー 琉球泡盛) has a vivid nutty aroma (hazelnut, walnut) with cream, fudge, vanilla, black pepper and floral notes. The palate is rich, creamy and nutty with a hint of mushroom. Very drinkable and excellent with food.


Miyazato Distillery (宮里酒造) was founded in 1946, just after the end of the Second World War, on tropical Naha Island in Japan's Okinawa prefecture. 


Miyazato Distillery believes that the koji-making process is particularly important when producing quality Awamori, especially "de-koji", the timing of when the process is stopped. Particular care, therefore, is paid to this. Harusame Kari is also aged for 3 years after distillation.

Service Recommendations:

This is an umami bomb! Add it to cocktails to pump up that flavour! Try in a unique, savoury Bloody Mary (pair with a neutral vodka)

Miyazato Harusame Kari Awamori 30% 720ml 宮里酒造 春雨 カリー 琉球泡盛

    • Product Type:  Ryukyu Awamori
    • ABV: 30%
    • Volume: 720ml
    • Colour: Water-White
    • Region: Naha, Okinawa, Japan