ISO Wine Tasting Glasses - Set of 6

The ISO wine tasting glass is the generally recognised standard size for wine professionals and wine students.

  • Height: 155mm
  • Glass Diameter: 65mm
  • Rim Diameter: 46mm
  • Capacity: 21.5cl
  • lead-free
  • break-resistant
  • ultra-clear & durable glass - sparkx
  • dishwasher-safe


The rounded bowl and tapering sides allow the wine to be swirled without spilling, and the relatively narrow rim helps contain the bouquet and enhances the appreciation. It is the professional standard for all types of wine tastings, training and events, including all wine, spirits and Japanese sake courses run by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET).


Suitable for red, white, sparkling wines as well as fortified wines, our ISO glassware is an all-round drinking and tasting glass for every occasion.


If you are joining our "in-person" classroom courses, then the course fee will include free use of our ISO glasses in class. However, you may consider buying a set of ISO glasses if you would like to keep a set for youself to practise tasting at home, or if you are taking one of our online courses.


The glasses (a set of 6) come with a card box for easy storage.

ISO Wine Tasting Glasses - Set of 6

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