Iichiko Mugi Barley Shochu 900ml 25% 麦焼酎 いいちこ


One of the most popular and most international brands of Shochu, iichiko is usually made with whole grains and is distilled at lower temperatures than other brands. This gives their drinks a cleaner taste that is very pleasant to sip alongside your meal.


The lush greenery, refreshing breezes and pure cool water of Oita Prefecture provide a fitting setting for the distillery and brewery of Sanwa Shurui Co., Ltd.


Filtering raw spirits through bamboo and charcoal gives the shochu a clear distinguished flavour. Sanwa uses only the finest ingredients to make their shochu. This includes 1) super pure water, drawn from a spring flowing below many layers of rock some 300 meters underground and 2) barley containing plenty of starch that is polished to remove the layers of fat that normally give shochu an unpleasant cloying taste and aroma.


NOSE: Clear aroma.

PALATE: A rich flavour, very easy to drink.

Drink on the rocks, straight or diluted with water.

Recommended Temperature:

Room temperature or slightly chilled or, to emphasize the savory aspects, warm.

Service Recommendations:

Neat, or with a few drops of water, in a rocks glass.


Super Saver Offer

900ml: 6-pack super saver for £209.95 only (= £34.99 per bottle)

Iichiko Mugi Barley Shochu 900ml 25% 麦焼酎 いいちこ

    • All prices are inclusive of UK-VAT (20%)
    • Shochu Type: Mugi Shochu (Barley Shochu)
    • ABV: 25%
    • Volume: 900ml
    • Region: Oita


    Super Saver Offer

    900ml: 6-pack super saver for £209.95 only (= £34.99 per bottle)

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