Gozenshu "Mountain Castle" Kijoshu Junmai Bodaimoto Namazake

辻本店 御前酒 雄町3部作 菩提もと篇 第3回 菩提酛×貴醸酒


This sake, like the other products from Gozenshu, is made from Okayama Prefecture's heirloom rice strain Omachi.


This is a Kijoshu, a type of fortified sake where sake - in lieu of water - is added to the fermentation in one or more of the additions. This results in a sweet, rich, juicy style of sake that is typically full-bodied and complex. Here, Gozenshu have juxtaposed this "maturity" by not pasteurising the sake giving it a fresh and lactic quality.


Another special feature of this sake is the use of the Bodaimoto (菩提酛/菩提もと) method. It is an ancient fermentation starter method, a pre-cursor to the Kimoto method. 


Mountain Castle is an excellent dessert sake or equally as good served as an aperitif or digestive.

Gozenshu "Mountain Castle" Kijoshu Junmai Bodaimoto Namazake

    • Country: Japan
    • Type: Junmai Bodaimoto Kijoshu Namazake
    • Rice Variety: Omachi from Okayama
    • ABV: 15%
    • Rice Polishing Ratio: 65%
    • SMV: -20
    • Acidity: 2.0
    • Amino Acidity: 1.9
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